For effective bladder control, ancient healers had the right idea

I didn’t want to pry but it was probably three or four times during one meal that my friend, Julie, excused herself.

“Do you feel okay?” I asked

“Yes and no. I’m fine but I always feel like I have to ‘go.'”

It never occurred to her to ask if I knew anything about it because she thought the “bathroom relay” was her only option.

But it turns out, there are things you can take to help keep your bladder healthy and under control. Plus you can cut down on the urgency and feeling like you’ll spend your whole day in the bathroom.

And one of the most promising natural options is called Crateva nurvala.

For nearly 3,000 years, healers in India have harnessed the healing powers of this herb. In fact, for most of those millennia, C. nurvala has been so highly revered that it’s cultivated near Hindu temples. (That gives you an idea how much people value relief from frequent urgency and other bladder concerns.)

You don’t have to constantly scout out bathrooms and leave the table repeatedly. C. nurvala offers a safe, natural way to stay in control and keep things flowing right.

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