The newest bashing of dietary supplements is hilariously inept

I’ve steered clear of Al Jazeera. I have to admit, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of browsing reports from the news agency the Taliban once used as a megaphone.

But this week a friend sent me a link to an Al Jazeera article. The title: “Time to tame the dietary supplement industry.”

Oh brother! I had to bite.

According to this blatantly opinionated “reporting,” supplements are mostly worthless, probably dangerous, and the industry is controlled by evil fat cat manipulators.

We’ve heard this nonsense many times before. And it’s all such familiar tripe…

Supplements are “unregulated.” False!

“Alleged benefits have failed to withstand scientific scrutiny.” False!

“The Food and Drug Administration needs to intercede.” (Oh yes…we know how fast the FDA will ride to the rescue!)

The best part of this online article was the comments section. It’s refreshing to see how many readers saw right through all this malarkey.

Here’s one spot-on observation… “The FDA has such a bad record of mistakes in policing the drug and food industry that I would hate to see it get its hands on my health supplements.”

And… “This article could have been written by a employee of Big Pharm.”

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

Al Jazeera, you’re going to have to do a LOT better than this if you want to win over Western readers. (Especially THIS Western reader.)

“Time to tame the dietary supplement industry” Lynn Stuart Parramore, Al Jazeera, 11/13,

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