A new review proves that you cannot trust the safety of a “new” drug, even years after FDA approval

If the FDA actually read its mission statement and did its job, you would know that any new medication coming on the market was reasonably safe.

And if there’s a risk (and with any synthetic drug, there is always a risk) that you’d know about it.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work. That’s what the Food & Drug Administration is supposed to do. Protect us from dangerous drugs.

Most people believe that it works that way.

But it doesn’t.

As we’ve seen over and over in recent years, the FDA has been making Big Pharma fat cats very happy by letting “promising” new drugs slide through the approval process in about as much time as it takes a car to run through a car wash.

Here are the numbers from a new review…

  • In 2008, eight drugs were given “fast track” approval
  • For these eight, an average of only 104 patients were studied (compared to nearly 600 patients in standard drug reviews)
  • The agency required 85 post-marketing safety studies for these drugs, mandatory as a condition for approval
  • Four years later, only 35 of the 85 studies had been delivered, but already, five drugs had been given new or expanded black box warnings

With horrendous numbers like these, it’s easy to see why 200,000 Americans die to prescription drug use every year. And why one of the most respected doctors in the industry calls it the “FnDA” under his breath.


“Postmarketing Studies Lag After FDA Approvals” Larry Hand, Medscape Medical News, 10/28/13, medscape.com

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