It’s happening again — hospitals and courts team up to bully parents into forcing chemo on a young child

Medical mainstream treats parents like violent criminals — again!

Imagine the gut-wrenching fear it must take to gather your children in a hurry, grab a few belongings, and flee your home to go into hiding.

No, I’m not talking about Nazi Germany or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge. I’m talking about the good ol’ U.S. of A. — right now in 2013.

Bullies with court orders

Most of us first heard about 11-year-old cancer patient Sarah Hershberger over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sarah and her Amish family spent Thanksgiving in hiding. If they had returned to their Ohio home, it’s likely that authorities would have seized Sarah to force chemotherapy on her.

Last spring, doctors began giving Sarah chemo to treat lymphoma. But when treatments caused extreme illness in the young girl, Sarah’s parents decided to forgo chemo for natural medicines.

They were probably shocked to learn that, no, that just isn’t done. HOSPITALS decide how young cancer patients are treated. Parents have no say in the matter.

Within days, Akron’s Children’s Hospital authorities attacked with a legal action. An obedient court appointed a “guardian” to make medical decisions for Sarah.

Can you imagine? All you want is the best for your child, but then the Powers That Be say, “No.” A perfect stranger is now going to decide how your little girl is cared for. It’s mind-boggling!

But the Hershbergers were smart. They didn’t hesitate. To avoid the wheels of “justice,” they took Sarah, along with their infant daughter, and fled to a clinic in Central America.

Now — months later — Sarah’s grandfather says that scans and blood tests show that she is cancer-free. But the family won’t return to their home with the court order still in effect. They’re afraid that Ohio state authorities will “kidnap” Sarah and force chemo on her.

It’s just sickening. In the “land of the free,” citizens are forced to escape their home and hide out, like common criminals.

I wish I could tell you that this blatant injustice is uncommon, but we’ve seen it happen in Minnesota, Virginia, and Texas. In those cases, dramatic stories of families fleeing and hiding made headlines. But you can be sure that similar scenarios play out all the time, with hospitals quietly bullying their way into making all the decisions.

In the Virginia case, teenager Abraham Cherrix described his experience this way… “That is something you see in horror movies, where the mad scientist puts you down and sticks the needle, and injects the chemicals. This is not something that America should be doing.”

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