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FACT: In the last few years alone, natural researchers have made thousands of new breakthroughs you’ve never heard about. They’re happening so fast, no single expert can master the details about them all. Not you, not your doctor, not even a brilliant alternative doctor. Natural healing has become too vast a frontier for any one pioneer to stake out…

And that’s why Health Sciences Institute (HSI)
was founded!

HSI started when a handful of top health researchers banded together––to flash first word of their greatest breakthroughs directly to you, the moment they happen. The result was an instant success. Since then, HSI has snowballed into an awesome network of global proportions. Linking over 123,000 doctors, researchers and health-conscious individuals, HSI is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking a better, newer solution. If this network can’t find it, it doesn’t exist… But time and again, you’ll discover it does! Just listen to what HSI members are saying…

HSI breakthroughs work

“I’m about half way through a two year subscription to your excellent Member Alert newsletters and want to say ‘Thanks.’ After a bypass 3 1/2 years ago…I have been able to keep my [cholesterol and homocysteine] levels within recommended limits using [the breakthroughs that HSI] reported on. A particular plus was that the levels were achieved faster and with superior results than those obtained with prescribed pharmaceutical drugs—and no side effects!”

HSI member M. R. Elliott, Salt Lake City, UT

HSI hands even doctors the breakthroughs first!

“It is truly refreshing to read a publication on the topic of alternative medicine that is scientifically based and reviewed by professionals. It is through your hard work and diligent attention to detail that alternative medicine has hope for the future.”

—Robert A. Sinnott, Ph.D., Biotechnology Specialist

“As a naturopathic physician many years in the field, I’m enjoying your articles very much. Excellent research!”

—Judy Marie, ND

HSI is medicine’s hope for the future!

“I like to think I’m on the cutting edge, but I constantly see things in HSI that I haven’t read elsewhere. For every breakthrough I’ve shared, I’ve learned about several more.”

—Michael Rosenbaum, MD, Vice-President of OHM Orthomolecular Health Medicine

Get HSI working on your health agenda and…

Be first to the breakthroughs! HSI consistently gets the scoop, because our global network is literally everywhere. You could subscribe to 15 magazines and still not learn as much.

Learn what others can’t tell you! Doctors are highly restricted in what they can say about their own natural medicines. But HSI sells no medicines, so we have freedom of speech—and we use it.

Get independent advice! Big Pharma, the FDA, the corporate medical system… These mega-powers have NO INFLUENCE over us. One more reason why scientists trust us to break the stories of their discoveries.

Know all your healing options! Each doctor favors his or her own special treatments. HSI shows you the best of them all. When your life’s at stake, don’t you deserve to know everything?

What’s your missing cure? WE’RE LOOKING FOR IT!

Somewhere in science, there’s a better new medicine waiting for you right now. Let HSI’s network of doctors and researchers find that needle in the haystack!

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