Does ADHD cause problems for kids as they become adults? More likely, long term ADHD drug use is the core problem

Behavioral problems follow ADHD kids into adulthood, according to a new study. But is the disorder to blame? Or could it be something else?

Like… Oh I don’t know… Maybe the long term use of powerful ADHD drugs?

The new study is the first to follow ADHD kids beyond their school years. Results are pretty devastating.

About one-third were still considered ADHD.

Almost two-thirds had at least one additional psychiatric disorder. That’s twice as many as non-ADHD kids.

The most common adult problems included substance abuse and dependence. Many also had depression, anxiety, and personality disorder.

But the research DIDN’T bother to study ADHD drug use with adult disorders.

Adderall, for instance, is a popular ADHD drug. It’s effective, but also highly addictive. Side effects include psychotic episodes, aggressive behavior, and hostility.

Three years ago, I told you about an ADHD study from Duke University. Researchers followed elementary school kids. Doctors diagnosed some with ADHD. They considered others borderline. None took ADHD drugs.

Researchers found that inattentive behavior declined in most of the kids. In one-third of kids who had at least six ADHD symptoms, they found no attention problems one year later.

The Duke recommendation: Rechecking of ADHD symptoms may prevent unnecessary drug treatment.

I think if someone did the right study, they would find that avoiding unnecessary ADHD drug treatment would cut back on adult behavioral problems too.

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