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PAGE 46! It’s slimy and grows like a weed, but this seaweed extract destroyed deadly liver, kidney and colon cancer and was reportedly even said to treat Chernobyl victims. You’re first to learn of it, along with the natural “magic bullet” that’s 10,000 times stronger than a top chemotherapy drug (page 50)…

PAGE 281! What your doctor never told you about calcium could be thinning your bones and hardening your arteries! It’s not how much calcium you take, but where it winds up. This Asian herb breakthrough makes sure it goes to your bones and an early study showed the difference is huge. One patient even increased her bone density by an astonishing 27%—the best result we’ve ever heard of—yet patients were taking just 42 mg of calcium per day! No adverse side-effects reported, so what have you got to lose? Plus, learn about the “lemonade” that irons out wrinkled skin in 2 weeks (page 245)… and more!

PAGE 111! When an American researcher searched the world to cure his advanced prostate cancer—imagine his shock and delight when he found the answer in Vietnam. His 2005 biopsy shows only three microscopic tumors, and that’s right in keeping with reported outcomes in Vietnamese clinics and hospitals. Doctors there report, biopsies confirm this herbal erased quite a few cases of advanced prostate cancer—and just as amazingly, in one study it helped 9 out of 10 men with benign prostate swelling as well. Discover the one reliable source for it in the U.S., then learn how to avoid false positives on your PSA test…

PAGE 298! First let us tell you how diabetes damage to nerves, kidneys and eyes is being halted and even reversed, with a rare new type of vitamin B uncovered by Japanese and German researchers. Then find out how diabetes II itself is being defeated! Blood sugar drops as much as 54%, a patient goes from insulin dependent to non-diabetic in 6 weeks flat—all thanks to a rare natural fiber. Not one patient we know has suffered the serious side-effects of drugs!

PAGE 57! The mother’s milk secret that saved a leukemia-stricken HSI member. He was the worst case the Mayo clinic had seen in 20 years!

PAGE 156! This “ultimate cure” even improved congestive heart failure patients in just 2 weeks, yet it’s cheap as aspirin! Find out where to get it…

PAGE 27! When the FDA lifts its ban on a natural pain-blocker, you’d better believe there’s a mountain of proof. Tested in clinical trials, endorsed by MDs and insurance companies, this forbidden pain cure has zero adverse side-effects. Yet users confirm it wipes out “incurable” pain from degenerated knees, aging hips, stiff necks, muscle sprains, bad backs and even menstrual cramps! This is just one of the world-beating pain cures you’ll discover here.

PAGE 143! The palm tree extract that’s helping stroke victims “turn back the clock”…

PAGE 361! Everyone’s brain can benefit from a key brain nutrient that blows away Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and other pretenders. Unlike herbs that simply improve brain circulation, these discoveries re-activate the nerve cells that control everything from mood to intellect. And there’s only one place you’re likely to find them. Here! Yes, believe it or not, thousands of patients who tried this extract from snowdrops did 7 times better than those who used a placebo!

PAGE 77! What if you could put aside your biggest fear? In 1981, doctors discovered the breakthrough cesium miracle could do just that by making blood cancer proof. Want to know how this re-discovered therapy could make your own blood repel cancer? Find out just how easy and affordable this treatment is and get the exact science that helped pull terminal patients back from the brink for yourself. Learn how you can supercharge your blood, just like the Pueblo Native Americans of Arizona and Hunza people of Northern Pakistan-all without ever leaving your hometown.

PAGE 139! The only kind of Policosanol proven in studies to lower cholesterol…

PAGE 145! Learn how to neutralize the artery-hardener that’s 10 times deadlier than LDL cholesterol!

PAGE 175! When America’s favorite talk show host died of emphysema, the nation woke up to our raging epidemic of obstructive lung disease. Mainstream medicine offers little beyond oxygen tanks, so HSI’s network has been blazing with excitement about these new DNA drops that cost as little as a dollar a day! Patients using them find their vital lung capacity increased up to 90%. Shouldn’t your suffering loved ones know about this?

PAGE 148! The “tuna pill” shown in two clinical trials to normalize high blood pressure…

PAGE 230! When was the last time you rolled out of bed feeling like a train wreck? You’re not alone! Stress and fatigue are leveling legions of office workers, menopause sufferers, senior men, chemotherapy patients, CFS victims…is there any way out of this black hole? Yes! Proven in studies, this biotech breakthrough energizes just about everyone, without the “coffee crash” caused by stimulants. The average energy boost is 52%—and it keeps getting better, even after 22 weeks of use. Yet while fatigue-fighting drugs can cost thousands, this natural breakthrough might cost you under $2 a day.

PAGE 253! The mineral-rich liquid now discovered to be a fat-burning fuel… This brand new supplement not only helps eliminate obesity… but could also help convert your body to Tarzan or Jane, even into your eighth or ninth decades.

PAGE 152! Discover the sensational silkworm secret that safely strips away artery plaque…

PAGE 348! Senile symptoms turned back. Memory-boosting breakthrough proves ‘science’ wrong by re-growing dead brain cells

PAGE 267! Ever wonder why Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong and other ageless legends stayed so energetic for so long? It wasn’t genetic—it was a secret clinic, where they received a real-life “fountain of youth” formula. The stunning results were later proven in a massive series of clinical trials. But now HSI Panelist Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman has improved it enormously—with a manufacturing process so innovative they patented it. The new process allows this “youth in a bottle” formula to stay in your body even longer. An easy-to-take pill. Find out how to use it, where to get it.

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  • New Key to Ending Macular Degeneration. Researchers have found that a special type of microscopic algae that grows off the coast of Hawaii makes mega-vitamins look like slackers. It’s 80 times stronger than the leading antioxidant!
  • Reverse Periodontal Disease with MOUTHWASH? You never know where the next spectacular healing breakthrough will happen! It was the “ordinary” father of a son with gum disease who came up with this shockingly powerful treatment. He was hoping it might help his son avoid gum surgery…but whoa! Not only did the gums become pink and healthy in just a few months. Bone loss was even reversed! Feedback from HSI members who try it has been wildly enthusiastic. What have you got to lose?
  • Nature’s perfect food. Discover the amazing health benefits of the fruit from the Amazon’s “tree of life”
  • The Polish mothers’ secret indigestion remedy
  • Stop sleep apnea in just one night (and throw out that bulky mask!)
  • Forget dangerous HRT. You can balance your hormones safely and naturally—without adding a single hormone to your body

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