For chronic headaches, avoid these two common mistakes…

Is this the worst thing you can do for a chronic headache

Most of the time, a headache is a minor health issue. But it sure feels like a major issue when it’s pounding and throbbing.

And a headache IS a serious issue when it’s attacking several days every week.

If you feel like you’re on an endless treadmill of chronic headaches, make sure you avoid these two common mistakes at all costs…

An easy rut to fall into

Mistake 1: Falling into the OTC painkiller cycle.

Popping an occasional aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen isn’t usually a problem. But when you use these analgesics regularly, they can cause rebound headaches. And that sets up a vicious cycle of rebounds.

If you’re taking OTC painkillers 15 or more days a month, you might actually be making your headaches worse. Once you’re locked into that cycle, the only way out is to give up your analgesics until the headaches pass.

Mistake 2: Getting a brain scan.

Once you tell your regular doctor your headaches won’t go away, he’ll want you to see a specialist. And that’s the right next step. But if the first thing your specialist does is recommend a brain scan, just say, “No.”

New evidence shows that these scans are ridiculously overused for headaches.

Migraines and chronic headaches are rarely caused by brain abnormalities. And yet, headache patients shell out about $1 billion per year for scans that are mostly unnecessary.

But what’s worse than the fleecing is the radiation exposure — to your BRAIN.

MRIs don’t use radiation. But CT scans deliver a HUGE radiation dose that’s hundreds of times higher than a chest x-ray. And as I’ve mentioned before, your radiation load is cumulative over a lifetime. A CT scan — aimed directly at your brain — is a terrible addition to that load.

Before you risk making the problem worse, try supplementing with CoQ10. There’s some research that it can help reduce severity and frequency of migraines and chronic headaches. No drugs, no scans — just a natural antioxidant that your body needs anyway.

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