Panicked Feds Predict KILLER FLU

It’s terrifying but true. Our own government has stockpiled 44 million courses of antivirals as it prepares for possible pandemic.

But the HSI network has been preparing against this for years…

Our international research network has made natural germ-fighters a #1 priority since our founding. We’ve discovered dozens in the past 15 years. Your FREE book will include full details on page 406 about the best––plus a shocking breakthrough we’ve just uncovered that could dwarf them all.

Developed in secret by Russian military to treat anthrax!

In 2002, National Geographic published an article describing how a Russian military lab accidentally released weapons-grade anthrax into the wind. What they didn’t report is what the Russians did in response. In fact, the Russian brass ordered top minds at the State Scientific Center Research Institute to develop a “universal antidote” for biological warfare agents. They researched over 600 different compounds––and found one with astonishing power and safety.

How it works. It’s not a drug, but a probiotic capsule packed with “friendly” bacteria called Lactobacillus. Couldn’t be safer, because it’s a special strain of healthful microbes found in yogurt! Yet it makes your immune system attack “unfriendly” microbes with incredible speed. In fact, the person who imported this miracle to America, gave it to his own daughter. She was suffering with a nasty bug, but imagine their surprise when this immune-booster…

Knocked out her flu in 8 hours…

…and there’s more. One doctor reports it may even be effective against the “incurable” Hepatitis C virus. All this was before the project got transferred to Bulgaria, where famed germ biologists there found out how to supercharge the friendly bacteria.

The modified product is said to be 10 to 20 times more powerful. More than 50,000 doses of this remarkably safe anti-germ agent have been evaluated on human subjects, and the results couldn’t be more encouraging. Users confirm it’s effective against flu, colds, coughs, certain skin infections and more.

And it’s just been made available in the U.S. Research is still ongoing, but in view of the previous flu epidemics, we believe it would be a crime against humanity not to publish the news. You’ll find full details about this discovery, how to obtain it and how to use it, in your FREE BONUS Report, Secret Germ Antidote KNOCKS OUT FLU.

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