Know anyone who wouldn’t want 52% MORE ENERGY?

Imagine enjoying this power surge every day, from now on! Case studies indicate this new breakthrough works for: Stressed-out workers… Menopause sufferers… Cancer patients… Chronic fatigue victims… And nearly everyone else!

When was the last time you crawled out of bed feeling like a train wreck? Join the club. Legions of stressed-out Americans are waking up tired, gulping coffee, tossing and turning all night with insomnia…

Is there any way out of this black hole? Suddenly, wonderfully, now there is. One of today’s most acclaimed biotech researchers, Dr. Floyd Taub, MD, performed case studies on an all-natural treatment that he called “the most potent anti-fatigue compound ever discovered.”

Code-named COBAT, this is no experimental wanna-be. It dramatically banishes tiredness and brain fog, without the curse of insomnia. Works wonders for the seriously ill––and when ordinary stress-sufferers use it, WOW!

The facts at a glance. I’d need pages to run down all the results, so let me just list a few. In a small clinical trial it…

1. Greatly energized 90% of all patients with cancer, chronic fatigue, and Hepatitis C.

2. No matter what triggered the fatigue, COBAT gave a 52% average energy boost.

3. Unlike herbal stimulants and caffeine that just mask fatigue, COBAT kept everyone going like the proverbial Energizer bunny. Even after 22 weeks of use, energy levels kept getting better!

How it works. Dr. Taub’s breakthrough came when he realized that extended stress throws the human immune system out of whack. Your body responds by pumping out too many immune cells called cytokines. Then they attack you, much like “friendly fire.” COBAT fixes this by fine-tuning your immune cell output. It’s a very delicate job that couldn’t possibly be accomplished with drugs, but COBAT actually works on the molecular level.

Low cost. While fatigue-fighting drugs like Procrit can cost nearly $2,000 for a 30-day supply, COBAT is available without prescription for under $2 a day. All this makes it a slam-dunk for our EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARD. We highly recommend it for loved ones suffering any kind of fatigue, and we’ve spoken with many quite healthy folks who simply enjoy the extra energy. Just consider…

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