“PERFECT PROSTATE CURE” from Vietnam’s greatest living doctor…

  • Users report it erases cases of prostate cancer…
  • And succeeds for 9 out of 10 benign prostate sufferers too

Dr. Kha Hoang was the Medical Doctor for the Vietnamese royal family. So revered was he that he survived the revolution and all that followed. He, his children and grandchildren are practicing medicine in Vietnam today…

And ironically, their brilliant research may soon erase an American plague!

I’m speaking about prostate disease––both prostate cancer and benign prostate swelling. It’s so prevalent among older American men that doctors here regard it as nearly inevitable.

But for a number of years now, Dr. Hoang has been curing both kinds quite reliably, using a traditional Vietnamese herb that’s all but unheard of here in the West.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Vietnam? Herbs? Curing cancer?” Yes, the story does sound pretty wild. And that’s doubtless why Dr. Hoang’s breakthrough has received nearly zero attention over here.

But all this changed very recently, when Ken Malik, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Prostate Awareness Foundation was diagnosed with prostate cancer he literally searched the world for a natural approach. He found out about Dr. Hoang’s herbal treatment in January of 2002. He was hoping for any improvement, but imagine his shock and delight when…

His 2005 biopsy showed only three microscopic tumors. Ken was excited enough to organize an informal trial of the herb. After 3 months, the vast majority of cancer sufferers in this trial had already shown functional improvement. And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Let’s look at the record in Vietnam. Over there, they have been meticulously recording outcomes. Doctors in one practice report they have biopsies confirming quite a few cases of advanced prostate cancer––the “incurable” kind––were completely cured by this herbal treatment alone.

Equally fine results for BPH. The International Hospital researched it for 7 years as a treatment for benign prostate swelling. Their urologists tracked the results very thoroughly, even measuring prostate size. They reported astonishing success for 92.6% of patients—more than 9 out of 10.

How it works. Intriguingly, the herb is so valued in Vietnam that it once was reserved for the royal family. Scientists are still puzzling about exactly how it works. (Remember, HSI reports breakthroughs as they happen and this was at the cutting-edge of science when we brought the story to our members.)

Where to get it. Not easy! It’s so new to the West that we’ve found only one reliable source. You’ll find the details on page 111 of your giant encyclopedia.

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